About Me

Why LymphFashion??

It’s the compromise we make between Lymphoedema and The way we Fashion our lives with the condition.

Every day with the condition is a struggle.

My aim is to aid understanding of the issues we face whether big or small, about the exhaustion or the days where we have low self-esteem or praise the days where we feel fabulous and good about ourselves.

I’m no doctor, I talk about my condition with honesty and positivity as a pity party doesn’t offer prosecco when you walk through the door!!

Now, elevate those legs and relax whilst exploring…

L x




16 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, my name is Lacey. I have lymphoedema and I am very new to this. I am also 27 and I can’t believe you seem to be having such positive spirit about this. You have a family and a job and a life. I feel so stupid that I’m having such a difficult time. I think it’s wonderful that you have a blog. I think this whole thing is beautiful.


    • Hi Lacey. I’m 29 now, just haven’t updated my about me… ooops! It has taken me since the age of 12 to be upbeat and have a kick ass attitude towards my condition. I found it so difficult to adjust. I’m not always upbeat, I have my rubbish days too. I just tend to allow it then change my mindset. Instead of ‘I can’t do this activity’ I Ryan to refocus to ‘how can I adjust this so I can take part’. It’s been a long process. Please feel free to add me on FB (Elle tee) or Instagram (elleteestylist) and I’ll happily help support on your not so shiny days xxxxx


  2. Hi Lauren,

    I found your blog from the NLN site, and I would like to introduce you to Xpandasox®!

    Our company Xpandasox® manufactures socks that stretch to 24+ inches around the calf. We have many customers that have lipedema and lymphedema who have written to us to tell us how they love to wear Xpandasox® over their compression socks to add a bit of fashion to their legs. We would love for you to try them out for yourself and to help us spread the word about Xpandasox®.

    Thanks in advance for your consideration!



  3. Hi. I am wondering if you accept guest posts or articles on your website?

    I am what is known as a certified lymphologist. I have written articles for vitality magazine, the canadian national ME/FM/CFS association, the well being journal of america, yoga magazine, ottawa natural magazine and a couple of others.

    I deal primarily with the lymphatic system and the detox of it. I know how to do a 100% body detox, safely, gently, effectively. I think people with lymphadema have a diseased lymphatic system.

    If you look at my website you will see I lost 60 lbs in 3 months.

    I can assure you, after being sick for 17 years with more than just lymph problems and now having all of my health back if you do what I do, do it *right* lymphology is really good and something people would be interested in. Especially if it is taught right like I teach it. I teach it right because I feel very bad for people who do not have there health… Been there, done that, and I did not like it. I fixed it mostly via lymphology and lymph system work.

    You might find what I do interesting.


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