Social Media- Like, Love, Hate

Hey Beautifuls!

I fancied a non Lymphie post so I got thinking about what most of my free time consists of. Gym, marking and social media updates. The latter is what I’m going to focus on during this post. Think of this as a virtual Snog, Marry, Avoid (Robert Downey Jnr, Tom Hiddleston and Tom Jones/ Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

Why Social Media? Everyone these days tends to have some form of social media whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… It’s been in the news recently with the Facebook Data scandal. Also most of my readers find me via social media.

I tend to both love and hate social media.


Why and what do I like about social media?

  • I like that I can find out information quickly at the touch of a button. Want to know why the road is closed? Facebook. Want to know why there was traffic? Twitter. It’s great to find out the latest gossip.
  • I like that I can keep up with the goings on of my friend’s lives. Want to see what little Felicity managed to do today? Snapchat.
  • I like that there’s always a silly quiz to take or a stupid article to read if I’m bored. Thank you Buzzfeed and Quizly- What kind of potato am I? Who would be your celebrity husband? Which colour are you? Which breed of dog are you? (Hash brown, Zac Efron, orange and a Boston Terrier apparently!)


There are aspects I hate about social media.

  • The amount of time that can be wasted just sliding your finger up and down a screen. Do I really need to read that waste of a time article that is click bait and filled with adverts? Probably not, do I do it anyway… probably.
  • The competition. Everyone, including me, only posts the best aspects of their lives. Social media means you don’t see what is on the cutting room floor. That one perfect selfie has another 45 attempts on the camera roll that didn’t quite cut it. That happy mother child just posed for the photo before the child started screaming. We are obsessed with posting the best version of ourselves. It’s so unhealthy.
  • It takes over social gatherings. When I’ve been out to dinner with friends, we’ve laughed at some groups of friends who don’t talk to each other, just smile during selfies that they’ll post on social media with hashtags such as #friendship #mybestgirls #bestfriendsforever #funtimes and then brag what a fun time they had… it’s really a sad affair that this world is coming to. The way I know if I’ve had a good night out… if there’s only 1 photo from the start of the night. No photos means it’s been such a good night that you haven’t had time to get your phone out for a cheeky scroll.
  • You can’t help but be drawn into the social media hype. New filter. Need to try it. New hashtag. Need to use it. Check for notifications. Every. 5. Minutes. (During the writing of this article I’ve checked my phone 13 times- for messages, emails, notifications, time. Due to the fact I’m going for a meal with gym friends later and don’t want to miss out on the gossip of outfit choices etc).
  • It ruins our self esteem. It ruins any inch of happiness we had. It encourages us to feel terrible about ourselves. Whether that’s because you’re not back in your pre pregnancy jeans with washboard abs, 3 months after giving birth like Person A. Or because you can’t do your eyeliner like Person B. Or your social life is non existent and you’re broke unlike Person 3 who is out every weekend and buying bottles of champagne for their table and you’re both the same age. It’s so unhealthy.


I did mention I love social media too. Why?

  • I love social media for the very reasons outlined above. You can organise social gatherings, keep in touch with friends and family around the world, document your life.
  • I love that it brings groups of people together. My best Lymphie girls and I would never have met were it not for Facebook.
  • It helps you feel less alone in rubbish situations. I had never come across someone else with Lymphoedema until Facebook arrived.
  • But most of all. It’s where those of similar interests etc. can be a community and help each other.

Lots of Love

L xoxox

Copyright Lauren Toner 2011-2018

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