Lymphoedema Awareness

Hey Beautifuls!

As most of you are aware, March is Lymphoedema Awareness Month. This week specifically has been Lymphoedema Awareness Week. This got me thinking… what is important to a Lymphoedema sufferer?

I managed to storms tens of ideas, but they all boiled down to 2 main things: Compassion and Understanding. Why these 2, I hear you ask…

Without these 2 qualities, no difference can be made.

Lymphoedema is a tough journey. You go through so much self hatred that it’s difficult to come out the other side. Only those with understanding and compassion can help.

You go through altering your lifestyle to fit your condition. Others with compassion and understanding can help.

However, compassion and understanding only become more noticeable when you speak out. Talking about your Lymphoedema triggers compassion and understanding from others such as friends and family members. It starts small. Talking to your nearest and dearest will help their understanding and will help you be compassionate towards yourself.

The biggest concern is the compassion and understanding that needs to be shown in parliament. I’m so proud of the many individuals who petition day in, day out, to make a difference for all of us.

I’m so proud of every single individual this week, who has shared a snippet of their life with the world, to try to raise awareness.

I’m proud of every single one of us who lives with this condition.

What have you done, I hear you cry? I’ve been advocating the cause over my social media platforms, I’ve contributed to articles, I’ve worn my odd socks, I’ve shared other people’s journeys as well as my own.

Lymphoedema awareLymphoedema Awareness

Lots of Love

L xoxox

Copyright Lauren Toner 2011-2018

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