How to make the most of this year…

Hey Beautifuls!

I’m going to start with a super cliché. It’s the start of a new chapter of a new 365 page book… let’s write the best one!! Yeah… vomit inducing… however, they have a point. It is a new year, it is a good time to make a plan for the next 12 months.

January is probably the worst month to look for positives as everyone is skint, still feeling fat from overindulgence at Christmas and it’s cold, bleak and miserable outside. So, make a plan for the next few months, create something to look forward to instead of having a focus on the grey moments.

How can we make this year our best yet!?

1. Make a plan. Write down your goals. Make yourself accountable.

2. Start keeping a gratitude jar or journal. Write down everything good that happens to you no matter how big or small to read on the down days. I’m loving the 52 Lists Project book for this reason!

3. Focus on some positive affirmations, these are known to increase self positive feelings. Take 3 minutes out of your day to talk positively to yourself… The Lymphie Life has created a list to get you started so hop on over there after you’ve finished here!

4. Take time each week to treat yourself kindly… it could be as small as applying a face mask, painting your nails, watching your favourite film or be as extravagant as booking yourself a spa weekend with the girls or a trip away.

5. If you’ve booked a trip away, ensure your medical appointments coincide to have new garments in time as there’s nothing worse than having new garments arrive just as you’ve come home!

6. Have a commitment each month to look forward to… even if it’s to meet friends for a coffee date. It’s something to look forward to.

7. Change something about yourself. But be specific. It doesn’t have to be something physical. It could be, I’m going to ring my brother weekly… then actually do it.

8. Decide what to get rid of from your life. Do you spend too much time on social media? Need a change from watching Eastenders? What can alter to allow you that extra motivation!?

9. Say yes more often. It could be a risk that turns into an amazing opportunity.

10. Recommit to an activity you miss. Perhaps you used to do yoga and miss it? Or miss embroidery and craft club. Perhaps rekindle a friendship. Go for it.

There’s only one person who can make your year better… that person is yourself. Start talking to yourself with kindness and see everything else start falling into place.

Happy planning.

Lots of Love

L xoxox

Copyright Lauren Toner 2011-2018

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