Dry Brushing For Lymphoedema & Why You Should

Hey Beautifuls!

Today I’m looking at the concept of dry brushing. If you have heard the term but haven’t got a clue, you are NOT alone!

What is Dry Brushing?

It is exactly what it sounds like. It is the use of a natural bristle brush over the skin in a particular pattern, usually towards the heart, mostly before showering. The reason you move towards the heart is that lymph drains around the chest and digestive areas.

Why do people Dry Brush? 

In the beauty industry, dry brushing is said to rid you of cellulite. However, it also boosts circulation, removes dead skin cells, stimulates the lymphatic system and removal of toxins.

How often should I Dry Brush? 

Some say every morning. My personal preference is around 3 times per week otherwise my skin feels too sensitive. Trial and error to suit you and your lifestyle. Start once a week then build up.

Do you use any products while Dry Brushing? 

There are 2 main ways to use products with Dry Brushing. The first is to shower before dry brushing using an oil on skin while brushing. The second is to Dry Brush, then shower then apply an oil or lotion. Again, it boils down to time allowances and lifestyle as to which suits you.

How do you Dry Brush? 

  • Don’t press too hard. You should be gentle and not break the skin.
  • Start at you feet and move in an upwards motion.
  • For you arms, start with your fingers and hands and move towards chest.
  • Use small, firm strokes in an upwards or circular motion.
  • When at your stomach, work in a counter clockwise motion.

Are there different brushes? 

There are different brushes. It’s recommended a medium-soft cactus bristle. If you are going to work on your face, buy a specific face Brush. If you buy a long handled brush, you can easily reach your back.

My preferences…

This is my personal preference as it suits my lifestyle and my needs. It is not me saying to you that you should do exactly what I do. Research and experiment what works for you!

  • I have a hand sized round brush which suits my tiny hands and is easy to store.
  • I prefer to shower or bathe first then brush with Oil. Lotion tends to soak too quickly to brush effectively.
  • The Dove Body Oil that I tried and tested worked really well for me when Dry Brushing.

I use this brush…

I love this following Infographic that details about how to Dry Brush.

You can find more about this topic on my Pinterest board. Always consult a medical professional before starting any new treatment.

Lots of Love

L xoxox

Copyright Lauren Toner 2011-2017

2 thoughts on “Dry Brushing For Lymphoedema & Why You Should

  1. Thank you for showing the way to dry brush, we are always being advised to do it but it is never really clear on how
    XX Another great product is Himalayan pink salt I use this every day for detoxing Just brilliant


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