Moisturiser Review: Palmers Coconut Oil Body Lotion

Hey Beautifuls! 

As promised… better late than never… my review of Palmers Body Lotion. The reason I chose Palmers is because So many people use coconut oil to moisturise but I don’t like the idea of rubbing coconut oil over leg. This seemed the perfect compromise! 


The bottle was a miniature trial size so looked very cute. The colours were those typical to the brand- white and brown, also reminiscent of a coconut. Doesn’t look amazing on my dresser, but it’s a classic brand to have on show in the bathroom.

First thoughts

On first application I loved the smell! It went on smoothly and absorbed well. It did stay tacky for a little while before it dried, but it wasn’t too long so that it was uncomfortable throughout the night and sticking to all surfaces and bedsheets. The next morning my leg still felt soft and hydrated. I didn’t need to use a lot for a small area which was lovely. A dollop the size of a 10p coin managed my lower leg- ankle to knee-without worry.

Final thoughts

After using for a few days my legs felt super soft. Definitely one I’m going to alternate with my usual Body Butter from The Body Shop. 


Copyright Lauren Toner 2011-2017

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