Legology Air Lite Moisturiser Review

Hey Beautifuls! 

I wasn’t expecting to review this product. HOWEVER, The Lovely Kate from Legology offered a free sample via my Instagram page. Who am I to turn a free sample down, especially as I had been eyeing up this product for holidays! Although received for free, I’ll still be offering honest opinions about the product. I truly can’t thank Kate enough for introducing me o this product! 


As I opened my brown box I was greeted with this lovely personalised message on a gorgeous bright yellow postcard. I must admit, my heart warmed instantly to the up market, expensive looking pot of lotion. The packaging reminds of Creme De La Mer and I enjoyed keeping it on my dresser. I liked the pot as it had 2 layers of protection, one being obviously the container’s lid, the other hidden like a film to stop any lotion moving into the exterior lid and causing a mess. Big thumbs up! 

First thoughts

When I opened what is now thought of as the pot of joy, I was greeted with a summery citrus aroma. The texture was very jelly like, even similar to blancmange… but this made it easy to apply. It smoothed across my skin and absorbed well. My skin felt instantly soft. After around 10-20 minutes my skin started feeling invigorated making my leg feel lighter and full of life. It dried relatively quickly meaning no sticky and tacky feeling for long. The next morning my leg still felt Silky smooth.

Final thoughts

After a week of using, my skin feels soft. My leg doesn’t look different, but it’s nice to have the feeling that the moisturiser is working on more than one level. It would be interesting to see and feel the difference after a month of use! I’ll definitely be taking this on holiday with me and be using it before I put on my garment before flying! Really impressed, I’m hooked! 


Lots of Love 

L xoxox

Copyright Lauren Toner 2011-2017

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