Lymphie Life Balance

Hey Beautifuls! 

My last post was relating to healthy eating and swapping out those pesky processed foods! I decided to keep on a similar track… prepping for day to day life! 

People ask me, how do I do it? I PREP!! 

How do I prep? I PLAN!! 


I used to get caught up in ‘what do I fancy?’ Now I plan ahead of time. Today I’ve prepped 3 days worth of dinners and 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches. Tomorrow or Tuesday, I’ll prep another 2 days worth. It eventually becomes a habit. I break up my days, my clothes, my food in to manageable sized chunks. 

I’ll break my week in to 3 sets of 2 days and then Sunday. 

On a Sunday I focus on Monday and Tuesday. I’ll have notes for Wednesday-Saturday but they aren’t my focus. I’ll plan what I’ll be wearing, what I’ll be eating and what I’ll be doing on those 2 days. I’ll prep as much as I can over the Sunday and finish off on the specific day. For example; I’ve prepped 3 days of dinners- 2 enchiladas and sweet potato chilli. The filling of the enchiladas is the same as the chilli. I’ll add the cheese on top of my enchiladas before putting in the oven. I’ll boil the rice on the day I’ll eat the chilli. This frees up my time. I’ll then repeat this process on Tuesday. 

I’ll decide my outfits the night before and pack my gym kit the night before too. The only thing I need to add on the day are jackets, hoodies or cardigans weather depending. 

  • How do I manage my leg? Below is an insight to my usual routine.

My typical day: 

5:45- shower

6:00- check social media, emails while leg dries sufficiently to wear garment

6:15- make up and hair

6:45- eat breakfast (usually partially prepped day before)

7:10- change for work

7:30- out the door to work. 

8:10-15:10- working/ bullet journal on lunch break. 

15:45/16:00- gym.

18:00- shower, change into older garment 

18:30- eat pre planned meal. 

19:00- prep meals.

20:30- relax, massage, dry brush, remove any make up etc. 

21:00- hour or so of TV 

22:30-remove garment and sleep. 


I change my routine on a weekend to suit my needs.However, I find that keeping a routine is helpful in maintaining consistency with my limb. The more habitual it becomes the less pain the bum it becomes! It’s all about the planning!! 

Hope this aids your planning of your Lymphie balance! 

Happy organisation! 

Lots of Love

L xoxox

Copyright Lauren Toner 2011-2017

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