How to Survive a Concert with LE

Hi Beautifuls! 

If you follow my Instagram page, you’ll be aware that last Sunday I went to watch Craig David perform in concert at Wembley Arena. Omg! What a show!! 

However, some of you may be nervous about booking a concert or festival due to the amount of time standing. I’ve booked both seated and standing tickets for concerts in the past. Seated are easier on your limbs, however, you can’t always bag those tickets in time. 

I thought I’d share some top tips for the standing crew…. 

(I didn’t follow all my advice on the night which meant I took longer to recover… naughty Lymphie!! Please learn from my mistakes!)

1. Wear sensible footwear! This sounds pretty obvious. I love my converse and they make great shoes for standing for long periods of time. I’d advise against heels. Wear the cute trainers!! Not only will your feet ache less, your leg will withstand standing for longer.

2. Wear cool clothing. Yes, both ‘cool’ as in trendy but most importantly clothing that will stop you overheating. There’s nothing worse than feeling too warm in a crowded place with a Lymphie limb! I chose a dress from Topshop to keep my legs cool. 

3. Drink plenty of fluids. I stupidly drank plenty of fluids, just not the right ones! Champagne and cocktails do not count as correct fluids. Water is more beneficial. However, you only live once. If you want your prosecco and cocktails go for it. Just make sure you counteract it at some point. 

4. Rest up beforehand and afterwards. I found it really useful to do as little as possible on the day of the concert. The next day I also tried doing less than normal. I found this beneficial especially after consuming a fair bit of alcohol. We booked a hotel next to the arena to allow us more rest time and less worry about having a long journey after the show.

5. Don’t spend your night worrying. Just go and have fun. Just remember, you know your limb. If you have standing tickets, be sure to sit on the floor waiting until the first act instead of standing. Be aware of your limb, you know your limits better than anyone. 

Go enjoy the upcoming festival season! 

Lots of Love

L xoxox

Copyright Lauren Toner 2011-2017

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