HOW TO Cope with Lymphoedema on your Hot Hols! 

Hi Beautifuls! 

Spring has sprung and summer is ever closer. This means one thing… Holidays!! Whether we love them or hate them everyone is booking them. I’ve just realised how close my summer holiday is! Just fully paid my deposit and full payment is due at the end of next month!! I gathered many of us are in a similar predicament… how can we enjoy the heat!?

Here is the low down of top tips for coping on a hot holiday! 

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY… Don’t go without your compression garments. It is so tempting to leave them off as ‘they are too warm’. Guess what, you need them so much more when it’s hot!! It only makes it harder for you in the evening if you leave them off during the day! 
  • Drink plenty of water. In the heat, your system becomes sluggish. Water will help ease your system… also it’s handy for stopping dehydration (apparently… who knew!)
  • Seek the shade. The shade will help keep you cool and protect from sunburn. Also, sunbathe upside down… so your legs rest on the back section of the lounger to keep them elevated. Double whammy of help!! My favourite is legs elevated and in the shade to tan only my upper half!! 
  • Regular dips in the pool! Not only does the water ease the limb and cool it down, when you swim it massages your limb and encourages lymph flow! I recommend wearing an old garment if you wear it in the pool or sea as the chlorine and salt can ruin the material make up. Also, if you’re planning on going in the sea, take some scuba or jelly shoes to protect you from standing on anything that could harm you… you don’t need a trip to A&E and a course of antibiotics to steer away cellulitis!
  • On the subject of garments, wear some sun cream underneath your garments as the sun is able to penetrate through the material. Last thing you want is a sunburnt limb!! 
  • Try to keep a regular routine to back home. In other words, don’t forget to moisturise. My favourite moisturiser for holidays is The Body Shop’s ‘Hemp Body Butter’. It stinks, but it’s so intensive that it keeps your skin so supple and soft locking in any moisture… it also keeps your tan looking good! Thank me later!! 
  • Take a pair of what I call ‘old trusty shoes’. These shoes are the ones that fit, no matter what. These are your saviour shoes!! These are the ones that you don’t WANT to take as they usually aren’t pretty… but are the ones you NEED to take. You’ll only wish you brought them otherwise. These old trusty are perfect to throw on day or night when your feet are wrecked from the pretty ones that ‘fitted fine in the shop when I bought them’… I have A LOT of shoes that fit the ‘fitted fine’ category that I always take and usually never wear! 
  • Mix up your fabrics. Take as much lightweight fabric as you can. I know majority of us lymphies love maxi dresses, maxi skirts and palazzo pants. But these can be warm around your legs. Linens, chiffons and silky fabrics are so much cooler and will leave you less irritable from the warmth. They also fall beautifully leaving you both cooler and stylish!!
  • Eat healthily. Holidays are a time when we tend to over indulge… ice cream, waffles and pancakes for breakfast… I know the score!! However, remember to throw some salad and some fruit on your plate. Excess toxins don’t help your lymph system, but also there is always an abundance of fresh local produce available… take advantage of the flavours being offered!! 
  • Don’t expect your limb to act as it does at home. The chances are you’ll have been on a flight or long journey which automatically messes with your body! This means you’re already at a disadvantage. The best thing to do is keep your routine as close as you can to normal. It will take longer to return to ‘normal/ everyday’ size from the swelling so don’t be disheartened. Just do less physical activity on the day after you land to allow your limb some time to recuperate. Also the same for warmer nights so get that air conditioning going through the day to keep your room cool… use your costa coffee card to put in the slot to keep it on instead of leaving your room key! 
  • Keep a stash of cellulitis antibiotics with you. Tell your doctor you are going away, they can prescribe the best ones. For example some aren’t suitable for those allergic to penicillin. Also it’s handy if you see the start of infection to try and stop it earlier rather than have an extended hospital stay! 
  • Lastly, do what makes you comfortable. We all have different ways of coping. Don’t feel you have to do what others say. They don’t have the same condition as you. Be selfish and don’t feel guilty about it. 

Hope these help to ease your holiday worries!! These are just my opinions and views. It is not medical advice. These are just tips I use when I’m going on holiday! Pick and mix with the tips and see what works for you! 

Happy Holiday! 

Lots of Love

L xoxox

P.s. Margaritas help… so do mojitos, also pina coladas…. 😜😘

Copyright Lauren Toner 2011-2017

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