HOW TO Pack your Carry On with Lymphoedema! 

Hey Beautifuls! 

I’m sure you have gathered recently that I’ve been doing so much traveling! I like to think I’m now packing like a pro!! So, I thought I would share my carry on luggage tips with you! I must say, this is just my personal way of packing! I do this for both long and short haul flights. In terms of short haul I probably take less beauty products and less entertainment options although the base is usually the same!! I ALWAYS take a hold-all as carry on. For the reason that you can fit everything in, and it’s useful for if you have a stop over with your hold luggage being sent to final destination (you can pack another outfit!). 

The Essential items when packing your carry on! 

I love taking a small pouch with any travel documents etc. This makes an easy transfer from bag to safety deposit box when you reach your hotel too!! In my Coccinelle pouch I carry: 

  • My Passport (in a cover to keep nice and clean), 
  • my insurance documents, travel itinerary and print offs, 
  • a pen (you never know when you may need to fill in a landing card!), 
  • my purse complete with currency needed for destination and at home! 

Beauty Essentials!

To keep yourself looking good up in the air, or leaving your flight like a celebrity takes work. Sadly we don’t all fly 1st class with a shower available!! So I ensure I always have the following: 

  • deodorant wipes -don’t worry about overpriced dove spray in the departure lounge! Try these! Much easier to use in the plane loos!
  • cleansing wipes -great for EVERYTHING! Wiping down your tray table, wiping your hands etc. Try these individually wrapped ones to save on space!
  • mini moisturiser -the altitude takes the moisture out of your skin, Nivea soft is the perfect size! Try this 30ml which is in the flight allowance for liquids!
  • mini perfume -love tiny sample that you get given with large perfumes, great for taking on board your flight to keep smelling sweet, I love Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream. These miniature perfumes are perfect and can be transferred to your handbag for when you are out and about at your destination!
  • stick foundation –usually a smaller weight than normal foundation tubes and perfect to apply with fingers in small spaces! I love NYX Mineral Stick Foundation. Find it here!
  • Brow gel –again, small tube. Perfect for final adjustments to ensure you look put together when disembarking (eyebrows make all the difference to your face and your look), this one is by H&M. This Sleek one is perfect! 
  • Mini mascara –around holiday time, I always pick up a mini mascara- I always look for one on offer, again this finishes your look for disembarking, I love Too Faced Better than Sex mascara as you still have the full sized brush in the tiny tube!! Take your pick here!
  • Tinted lip balm –perfect to be doubled up as moisture for your lips but also to use as a blusher, this one is Younique’s Lip Bon Bon in Raspberry Cheesecake. I love the colours these are available in!

Comforting pieces!!

Another thing to remember is to pack items that will make your journey more comfortable- both literally AND in terms of entertainment. If I’m bored I become uncomfortable and restless… never good on a long haul flight. 

Some of my comfort essentials are:

  • Hoodie –my grey ‘New York’ is a long length and from Primark
  • Scarf –Leopard print scarf is from Stella and Dot, this can double up as a pillow or blanket
  • Travel pillow –grey faux fur is from Primark. Take your pick!
  • Small bag –mine is Carvela, strap hidden inside bag, useful to keep sweets, iPad etc at your feet instead of in the overhead lockers!
  • Socks -always useful if you suffer with cold feet… especially if traveling somewhere warm and you are wearing sandals!!
  • Bandage -in case you need any extra support during the flight!
  • Extra garment -see above!
  • iPad with films or documentaries already downloaded -there may be a chance that you dislike the on board entertainment, or your flight may be delayed.
  • Book -in case you have no battery available on electronic devices. My next read is Nocturnal Animals as I’m looking forward to watching the film adaptation
  • Magazine -lightweight easy reading that can be left behind! I picked up Hello Fashion for a bargain of £1!!
  • Snacks -I’m always hungry or bored waiting for the food trolley to arrive, also if you don’t like what is served you have a back up plan… 4 hours during a flight with no food is hard!!
  • Mints -great for take off and landing, great for a breath freshener, great if feeling ill! I love foxes mints!!

Pick me up at the airport! 

Please don’t forget to buy WATER!! There is always at least one offer on at the airport in relation to water. Make use of it! Normally it will take the shape of 2 bottles for ‘x’ amount! If you are on a long flight ensure you double up on this offer. Keep a bottle for when you are stuck in arrivals!! 

Hope these tips and tricks are useful! 

Lots of Love

L xoxox

Copyright Lauren Toner 2011-2017

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