How to Survive Travelling as a LYMPHIE!

Hey Beautifuls! 

Over the last few months, I’ve been doing my fair share of travelling! So I thought I’d share my go to tips and tricks for surviving travelling! Please note, these are my opinions and what I find works best for me! 

1. Stand up!! 

Regardless of flight time (short or long haul) keep moving those feet and limbs! Your lymphatic system is worked by your muscles which means if you aren’t moving, neither is your lymphatic fluid. 

2. Book an aisle seat! 

Partly because of the reason above… it’s easier to get up and move about if you have an aisle seat and also you won’t annoy people asking to move in and out of your seat. Another advantage is that you can stretch your limbs into the aisle for comfort.

3. Double up

Double up on your stockings. The atmospheric pressure plays havoc with my system so I find doubling up on compression halves my swelling. I’d apply moisturiser before garments go on to lessen the irritation felt behind the knee after long periods of sitting down! 

4. Hell no, YEAH H2O… 

I’ll happily have a glass of fizz before boarding my flight and coffe when up in the air… however, I’m aware this isn’t the best call for my Lymphie system. When in the air constantly drink water. Yep, an excuse to get up and walk to the loo but also it aids your system and the feeling of jet lag. Double positives!!

5. Comfortable clothes and shoes

There’s nothing worse than the feeling of your feet or limbs getting trapped and shoes etc digging in to your limbs. I always wear shoes that are extendable with laces, I’ll loosen my shoes as soon as I get on board. I’d recommend loose clothing rather than fitting or constricting clothing. On short haul flights I love a pair of fitness leggings and trainers as neither constrict your movement or your limbs. 

6. Travel pillows

If you can sleep on the flight, do it! My limb always feels better if I’ve managed a nap or 2 on board… especially if it’s a night flight. Your limb is used to a routine, try to keep to it as much as possible. Always carry a travel pillow… it also doubles up as a soft foot rest. If you don’t want the hassle of carrying a travel pillow, a rolled up hoodie or jumper can also work well!!

7. Be sensible 

Nobody knows your limb better than you. If that means putting your feet up for 24 hours before and after your flight then do it. If it means catching a connecting flight instead of going the full 15 hour flight in one sitting, then do it. 

8. Take large hand luggage

Don’t be afraid to take a large piece of hand luggage. I always include an extra pair of shoes, a scarf, a small pot of moisturiser, a pair of socks, a hoodie or cover up, and a large bottle or 3 of water… to aid my body on my journey. 

9. But I’m going by car… 

If it’s possible… grab the back seat to yourself, take advantage of stretching your limbs out. Ensure shoes are off for no restrictions and move limbs to allow lymphatic flow. Same thing goes with water- drink it because of the air conditioning or heating dehydrating your skin. Your lymphatic need it!! If you can’t grab the backseat… if your driver allows put your feet on the dashboard (again, shoes off) to allow a different angle for lymph drainage. 

Lastly, enjoy your trip. 

Lots of Love 

L xoxox

Copyright Lauren Toner 2011-2016

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