Singapore; slings and more! 

Hello Beautifuls! 

Part 3 of our travels took us onwards from Bali to Singapore… as it was a stopover we had less than 24 hours there… and, wow! It did not disappoint! Such a beautiful, modern and clean city! I could easily move there…! 

We arrived around midday, checked into our hotel, freshened up, changed into shorts and comfortable sandals, out a change of clothes in my bag and off we went to explore! 

The first stop in town was Raffles Hotel… Obviously!! When in Singapore, you should sling!! Raffles is the home of the Singapore sling. Such a stunning cocktail. We also ate our body weight in monkey nuts. 

Post Raffles we made our way to the Flyer (Singapore version of the London Eye). We were lucky enough to have hardly anyone in our pod! You could see for miles around! It was spectacular! Totally worth the price! 

We then rushed over to the biodomes, not before stopping on the F1 track! The biodomes and tree towers were incredible… although I almost died due to my hay fever! I suggest huge amounts of allergy tablets if you’re heading inside! 

Top from New Look, Shorts H&M, Sandals TK Max, Tote Stella and Dot.

By the time we left the biodomes it was time to head for some drinks and munchies. We took to Lantern Bar (book a table in advance if you want a great view), changed and topped up make up in the restrooms. We literally did not stop for the entire time. We arrived in the city in time for moon cake festival. Moon cake seems to be like pure icing… it arrived with our signature cocktails. We were so fortunate to have a view overlooking the harbour water and the Marina Sands Bay Hotel! 

Dress from Topshop

We eventually made our way back to Zen Rooms, situated around a 10 minute drive from the airport ready for our early morning flight. 

While at the airport I couldn’t resist buying some sheet face masks. I love how one makes you look like a dog!! 

Lots of Love

L xoxox

Copyright Lauren Toner 2011-2016

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