Bruges, breweries and waffles

Hey Beautifuls! 

This summer I’ve made the most of travelling with my Miles. You’ll hear of the tales in chronological order!! 

Our first trip was to Bruges in Belgium. We took the early ferry from Dover to Calais wth Miles’ parents. We had such a smooth crossing and hit French shores by 9am.

When we arrived we hit the market stalls then on to the main squares. We then took a river trip to see all the sights quickly and to save my leg! It was totally worth it as we were able to gain our bearings of the city. This was followed by fresh waffles on a stick where you choose your own custom toppings. We went with strawberry chocolate and caramel crispies, and honey chocolate and hazelnuts. You can alternatively buy them pre made. 

Whilst exploring the city, we stumbled upon a small brewery, we just had to head in! It was a fantastic learning experience and the beer was lovely! We picked up 2 personalised bottles as we loved it so much! 

Late lunch took us to a beautiful riverside bar/ restaurant where we consumed the best gin and tonics ever, and sumptuous salads! The food was to die for, as was the view! 

Goats cheese and bacon salad

Brie and raspberry salad 

For the trip I wore simple denim shorts, floral tank top and bandaged my leg with my trainers as I knew we would be walking a fair distance. By the time we were back on the ferry after our day trip, I couldn’t wait to elevate my legs!! 

I totally recommend Bruges if you have the chance. Stunning city, easy to navigate and doesn’t have to put much strain on your Lymphie limbs as most things are within easy walking distance of each other. 

Lots of love

L xoxox

Copyright Lauren Toner 2011-2016

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