Shoes, Shoes, Shoes…

Hi Beautifuls, 

If it’s one thing we love here, it’s a pair of shoes. But oh, how we also loathe them! Not just dislike, but full on, Grinch style, hatred!! 

BUT! Fear no more! I have a solution… 

The solution is a store named MODA IN PELLE!! 

This store is now my saviour. Why? 


Mine were stretched to the perfect size in just a week. They can stretch the shoes up to 4 inches. They can stretch length and width, also boots. 

I’m currently bandaged so can only show you how they look on my ‘good foot’! But I’m so excited to be like everyone else and have pretty footwear!! 

Lots of love 

L xoxox

Copyright Lauren Toner 2011-2016

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