Summer Clothing Had Me A Blast…

Hi Beautifuls!

It’s that time of year again… The ‘S’ Word. We all struggle with what to wear to disguise our limbs but still look stylish and on trend. Well, I am about to be your super hero! I went shopping, to the detriment of my toes, and spotted so many ideas for us lymphies! About time I hear you call. So many trends this season (here in the UK) are centred around maxi dresses, palazzo pants and kaftans/ kimonos. Yay Style!

I’m going to give you a break down of what styles are in some high street stores. Images taken from store websites. I’ve chosen 3 stores that are always on every high street. Sorry, if I’ve missed your favourite store. Just trying to throw up a range of age group and prices.

First up is Zara. Expect to find lots of ‘Boho Chic’ with Persian inspired prints.

Next up is River Island. You can expect to find prints for the more daring here. They have some beautiful cover ups too, that have a slightly longer arm length than other stores.

Thirdly, we have H&M. Here you can expect to find lots of Coachella inspired pieces… Great for if you couldn’t make it to the festival but you love the style. You might also come across one or two pieces that are wedding appropriate!! AND Yes, I know the one dress is see through… I thought it would put a twist- some are more comfortable in their garments and don’t mind seeing them through outfits as long as they are generally not obvious.


In my next post there’ll be a focus on beachwear and how to cover up without looking like one of the Addams Family!

Hope this has inspired you to get shopping this season.

Lots of Love

L xoxox

Copyright Lauren Toner 2011-2015


One thought on “Summer Clothing Had Me A Blast…

  1. Hey Elle great post Hun, loved the focus on summer fashion I did a similar piece for my Lipoedema spring newsletter! Xxx 💕💜💕


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