The Beauty of it

Hi Beautifuls!

Here follows a lovely mini beauty post!

I don’t often blog beauty, but when I find the perfect product I love to share!

Firstly, I’ve had my nails done… I went to Sky Lounge Beauty @ Q Studio in Blackwood South Wales. I must say, what amazing service! Had a gorgeous set of ‘Gelish’ nails applied, even complete wit glitter. I must say I adore them even though I’m not usually a Blue fan.


Secondly, I have found the best in between season false tan! It was a predicament. I wanted a slight tan, but not a summer fake tan that would look OTT. I was wandering around Home Bargains when I hit the fake tan. There I found it, stood tall next to Johnson and Johnson… DOVE: Summer Glow. I must say, it’s the best £2 I’ve spent this season.


The reason I’ve chosen Dove;

  • it doesn’t smell like stale biscuits,
  • it applies evenly
  • it gives a subtle glow
  • you can apply everyday for a stronger colour
  • it comes in two shades
  • it dries quickly
  • it doesn’t stain your bedding too much
  • it doesn’t stain your clothes
  • it doesn’t show up orange
  • it utilises your skin tone



Aside from my St Tropez (which I love), Dove is a great alternative. I even got asked if I’d been away for a couple of days by my Lymphoedema Nurse. I think that’s the best compliment for a fake tan! As you can see, the colour starts developing really soon and leaves sin feeling soft, not greasy or sticky. I personally applied during late afternoon ready for the next day as I didn’t want paper white legs for my hospital appointment.

Hope you love the product as much as I do.

Lots of love

L xoxox


Copyright Lauren Toner 2011-2015


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