You know you’re a Lymphie when

Hey Beautifuls!

I was inspired to write this because of one of the members of my group ‘Lymphoedema Fashion’. I’ve included opinions from other lymphies to ensure I’ve covered all areas! So…

You know you’re a lymphie when:

  • Marigolds make up part of your daily wardrobe and have more uses than just washing the dishes
  • Beige, sand and skin tone are welcomed with grimace
  • Sighing, grunting and groaning is common in the bedroom… when dressing every morning
  • So is heavy breathing… after dressing
  • You know that you need to move your head when removing support garments
  • You become excited when meeting or spotting another lymphie
  • You have hundreds of friends you are yet to meet
  • Your clothing doesn’t fit correctly; you end up having ‘skinny jeans’ on one leg and ‘straight cut’ on the other leg
  • You take care of certain items of clothing as you don’t know when you’ll next find something to fit
  • You save up for compression hosiery instead of a new dress
  • You own more hosiery than you do underwear
  • You only try on clothes on your lymphie limb to see if the item is worth trying on properly
  • If a pair of shoes miraculously fit, you insist that you need them in every colour, even if you don’t wear green with purple spots they might come in handy
  • Elevation to you means more than just a U2 song
  • You have broken at least one nail on each hand from putting on compression hosiery
  • You have smudged your nails you thought were dry while putting on the compression hosiery
  • You’ve put your nails through at least one pair of compression hosiery
  • Shaving, waxing or getting tattoos are out of the question
  • You purposely take cold showers
  • You never take your shoes off out of fear for stepping on something and landing yourself a 3 week holiday in a hospital
  • You never take your shoes off for the fact that you probably won’t get them back on
  • You automatically look at someone’s leg when first meeting them
  • You completely freak out when around animals and their claws
  • Every red mark goes through a cellulitis check list
  • You spend more on moisturiser and lotions than you do on groceries
  • You are constantly asked ‘Oh, what have you done to your leg/arm?’
  • Autumn is one of your favourite seasons as you know winter is close so you can cover your limb more easily
  • You hate summer as humidity makes you puff up like a blowfish
  • Putting on compression is your cardio workout
  • You can’t walk far so you panic when you see no seats around you
  • You have a pair of flat shoes in your bag if you’re in heels
  • You know that hair dryers are brilliant for drying in between your toes as well as drying your hair
  • Breakfast is a luxury for when your hair dryer has saved you waiting 30 minutes for your limb to return to normal heat and non-tackiness to be able to put on compression garment
  • Your holiday preparation is usually focussed on finding insect repellents and antiseptic creams, gels, oils etc.
  • Your holiday is more stressful than if you stayed at home as most of your time is spent ensuring that you don’t get bitten or burn your limb
  • You often get mistaken as a medical professional
  • You start hating pregnant women for complaining about the swollen ankles they have to suffer for only a few weeks, you get jealous of the sympathy they get for the weeks of suffering when you get no sympathy for the swelling you have for the rest of your life

Lots of Love

L xoxox


Copyright Lauren Toner 2011-2014


7 thoughts on “You know you’re a Lymphie when

  1. This feels so real. I’ve learnt recently that I have lymphedema and it is never an easy condition to live with. I can relate so much to some of these. I’m also from in the Caribbean. Please email me if you can


  2. Thanks for this list, I live in the Caribbean so you know my predicament with the heat. I also love the one with saving up for stockings rather than a dress, lol.


  3. Stumbled across your blog today, thank you for this much needed laugh. I’m 31 with lymphedema in my leg for the past 8 years and can totally agree with this list. Wish you well 🙂


  4. Lauren I love this…. Meeting another Lymphie in a shop or on the street i usually lift my leg up in greeting!!!! LOL …. It is truly a certain way of life that you have to be a lymphie to understand!!!


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