Lymphoedema Awareness Week

Hey Beautifuls!

This week in the UK has been Lymphoedema Awareness Week. Lymphoedema gets less press than it deserves. It’s also more common than people realise. There are at least 240,000 sufferers in the UK and around 6 million in the USA. The condition has been ignored by medical professionals for so long. NOW IS THE TIME FOR CHANGE! We will be ignored no longer.

The Lymphoedema Support Network (LSN) are taking a stand! They have started a social media campaign- ‘Sock it to Lymphoedema’. The aim is to donate as much to charity as possible through wearing odd socks for a day and nominating someone else to do the same.

Many of us have already taken part. SO SHOULD YOU! Follow these 3 steps:

1.Take a picture of yourself wearing odd socks, upload it to social media

2. Text 70070  with the code LSNS14 followed by an amount of your choice.

3. Nominate someone to do the same and tell them your socking it to lymphoedema by CHOOSING to wear odd socks as lymphoedema sufferers don’t have that choice.


Here are some socksies to inspire you!

Lots of Love

L xoxox


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3 thoughts on “Lymphoedema Awareness Week

  1. When I was about to have my surgery last October (exactly a year ago!), nobody (including my surgeon) ever mentioned of possible lymphedema consequences; nobody mentioned/warned me after the surgery either until it all started, and I had to all of a sudden deal with it on my own….. If I knew that, I would have never signed for the lymph nodes removal – that turned out was not even necessary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My only hope now to sign up for the lymph node- transfer surgery……



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