Week 1 of September

Hi Beautifuls!

So, this week has been filled completely! Firstly, I’m now back in work- meaning, not as much time to update my blog 😦 boohoo. Even though I’m sad to not have as much time to write, it is lovely to be back at the day job 🙂

Secondly, I received a lovely haul from USN! Lucky me. It’s the prize from the competition. Can’t wait to try the ENER-G drink- mango and lime sounds really yummy! I also received my new trousers from ASOS by ‘Girls on Film’. I love these as they disguise my leg, not only because of the flattering style but due to the floral pattern which draws your eyes towards the pretty flowers.

girlsonfilm usnprize

Next on my update- the Lymphoedema photo shoot for the calendar that has been organised by some lovely fellow lymphies; Suzette, Kelly and Jennifer. They are such talented women to be able to organise an amazing day with such short notice! There is still a way to go before selling, but I know those of us who took part can’t wait to see the final product! We had such a fun day catching up, dressing up and acting like stars! The shoot took place in Milton Keynes. Huge thanks to those who gave up their time, resources, and to the companies that allowed us to use their garments and donated towards the production. It really is appreciated by all. Keep your eyes peeled for further updates!

Here’s a sneaky selfie from between shots!

Lastly, I love home bargains! I visited earlier today and near enough looted the place! I love that the products you can buy are sometimes imitations of others but work better than the original! I adore this OZ shampoo. I’m yet to try this conditioner. Love the hand and nail cream too. Who can resist some new chocolate flavours, iced coffee and pop tarts for a margin of super market prices!!

home bargains

Lots of Love

L xoxox


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