Bright Life Go are bright in my eyes!

Hi Beautifuls!

As promised, I said I would review the company and packages sent by Bright Life Go. The following products were ordered for the sole purpose of reviewing. 

Firstly- The Company

Bright Life Go are an initiative of the compression company Bright Life Direct. Amazing. Super Helpful. The responses to email were so quick too. Exactly what you want in a company. I’m based in the UK and can honestly say my package arrived safely, in great condition and packaged fantastically inside for the boxes to remain in one piece with all the relevant information. Would definitely order from here again!

What I Ordered:

CEP PROGRESSIVE+ COMPRESSION RUN SOCKS 2.0 (Night Edition- Women- Flash Pink)

I loved these. These are controlled at the calf especially. The ankle section could be tighter, but that’s just personal preference. The amount of support given is great in general. I wore these with my compression garment for my lymphoedema and bandaged from the knee upwards (as I have full leg lymphoedema). I was able to train perfectly in these with no discomfort and my leg looked fantastic after use. The other aspect I like is that they are a Medi Company- the same as the compression garments I wear. This for me is an extra incentive to buy more as I trust the Medi Group. As for washing after use. They went back into perfect shape after washing (following instructions on pack). The amount of control after washing remained the same. I’ve now worn them 3/4 times and the quality remains the same. By wearing these I was actually able to run (admittedly for a short distance and period) for the first time in years without additional swelling to my lower limb. I love the colours available. I chose the pink as it would work well with most of my gym wear. I had lots of compliments on how great they looked and how you wouldn’t expect them to be compression based as they look too ‘nice’ to be medically beneficial. These are my new favourites and will be investing in the other colours when my pay goes in!


I ordered these as Sigvaris are a respected company in the compression sector and I liked the look of the simple design. However, I was disappointed in this product. I think my expectations were too high. I wore these in the same way as the CEP- with my compression garment and bandaged above the knee. The compression and support wasn’t the best. They felt like normal sport socks and after working out, my leg looked like I had worked out in my garment and normal socks. My leg didn’t feel the best during or after. The look of the product looked very medical as though little effort had been put into the design. Washing after use; they washed well following the instructions on the box (which are hard to find- need to actually break the box to read them properly which means you can’t store them in the box!). They returned to their relaxed self fairly quickly. I won’t be hurrying out to buy another pair of these, although if you aren’t a fan of too much compression on top of your garment when exercising, you’ll probably like these. Personally, they aren’t for me.

Thank You Bright Life Go for the opportunity to sample some products and review them. I’ll certainly be using the company again! 

Lots of Love

L xoxox

Copyright Lauren Toner 2011-2014

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