Easter Holidays are here!

Hey gorgeous peeps!

Can you hear that!? The large sigh of relief of Welsh teachers that the holidays have finally arrived. It seems like they have taken an eternity to arrive! However much I adore my job, I’ll still always love the school holidays. They mean that you can be human again for a little while, that you won’t be recognised in out of school clothes in the supermarket, that you can leave your marking until last minute…

So what has been going down?

Firstly, it’s been heating up. “Yay!” you all shout with glee. Well, not so much for us lymphies. Heat brings all sorts of complications into life. Yes we like that the sun is out; it fills our hearts with joy. BUT. Notice it’s a big BUT. This also means that our limbs inflame. It also means the inflammation takes longer to go down, which in turn means our swelling lasts longer which means our shoes and trousers or tops don’t fit. Yes, generally, it’s harder for us to clothe ourselves. Sadly, we would be arrested if we swanned around in just a bikini and flip flops, even though it would make life so much easier.

Over this week (as it’s school holidays I have time to trawl through fashion websites and blogs), I’ll be hunting down the ‘trends’ for this coming season. One good thing about the weather changing is that new season trends will be coming out- which means we can stock up in case we aren’t so lucky next summer! Example… Last summer was a pain as most fashion trends were cropped trousers and midi skirts which are awkward for our limbs to look at least half decent in!

Some of the trends this summer that I’ve noticed already are:
the 70s (flares baby),
hippie chic (flowing skirts, dresses and floating tops),
maxi dresses (as always- yay),
palazzo trousers (getting wider than previous years!),
jumpsuits are everywhere at the moment (get them now ready for Xmas party season!),
kimonos (useful for dressing up your arms if you’re an armie lymphie).

My ‘To Do List’ seems to be constantly growing. It’s nice to feel busy! Between catching up with friends, scouring for clothing ideas, keeping tabs on my Facebook group ‘Lymphoedema Fashion’, training, marking books, heading to clinic appointments, daydreaming about what is coming next in life, finding vegan recipes… I’m at least kept out of trouble!

There will be a lymphie meet up in Birmingham on June 7th. Please join in our fun. You can chat shop if you like or just make friends. It’s comforting have people close by to chat when feeling down or to celebrate with when something goes right with your lymphoedema. Pop by my Facebook group for further info!

Lots of love and hugs xoxo

Copyright Lauren Toner 2011-2014

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