Vegas is near…

Hi gorgeous peeps!

So I’m in the home stretch of bandaging. 5 days left. WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!! 🙂
Thought you lot were due an update. In my last week of bandaging before I hit Vegas for holidays I’m undergoing Kinesio tape beneath the bandages so my surface vessels are aided. Kinesio tape is what you see a lot of the athletes having for muscle damage etc. I’ll post my tester patch below so you can see what it looks like. On the side applied to the skin, it has small grooves that aid the lymph fluid. When I take it off I’ll post a picture of the pattern that is left behind.  

Also, I’ve been officially measured…I have lost 4cm below my knee and 1.5cm above my knee. so chuffed. That’s a full stocking size change.

In the meantime I’ve been planning my shopping time and non tanning time between catching a baseball game and visiting the grand canyon etc.

Will update soon. Lots of love

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