Day 5- Nearly completed a week of bird

Hey you gorgeous guys!
So, day 5 and I’m still keeping you up to date. I’m very proud of myself 🙂 

What’s new I hear you ask!?
Today was my 3rd hospital appointment (new bandages to tide me over for the weekend until Monday). Again I unravelled the bandages to have the heavenly soak in the bath, aaaaaaand… I’m pleased to say my leg is smaller!! YES. SMALLER. My leg is actually shrinking in size. They WORK!! I even don’t mind over looking the minor itchy heat rash. 

I have a fun evening planned tomorrow… take out and meeting with the Vegas crew. Excited to make lots of plans for when we get there. 

How my leg looked straight from unravelling the bandages
Comparison picture of before the bandages were applied then today after 5 days.

lots of love xx

Copyright Lauren Toner 2011-2013

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