The Bandaging Saga Continues

Hi you lovely lot.
I said I’d keep you updated… 
Day 2- had a complete breakdown from boredom. BUT got over myself… it’s not the worst thing in life.

Day 3- Had my hospital appointment for my change in bandages. I was allowed the joy of unravelling the layers upon layers of bandages and padding so I could bathe properly. IT. WAS. HEAVEN. Never thought I would be so happy to lie out in a lukewarm bath! It was also a lovely surprise to see my leg had become a bit smaller and changed shape. 🙂 
I’ve become used to the non-level hobble I’ve donned of late, so to take my compression off was a peculiar feeling… my leg ached. It felt just like when I had my braces on my teeth removed, the weight had lifted but I struggled to walk. 
Hospital went well, another 30 mins on Lymph Assist- completed 40 levels of ‘flow’ app. Go Me! New bandages lovely and tight. MMMMM compression.

How my leg is looking after 2 days of bandaging… yep- looking good 😉

These shorts by Hudson and Rose have been a god send for the appointments. On trend and flexible enough to move around and roll up to apply bandages.

My outfit for the hospital visit to arrive. Guess t-shirt, H&M jogging/ yoga bottoms, pink thread bracelet Tantrum London, diamond bracelet French Connection

Lots of love xx

Copyright Lauren Toner 2011-2013

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