Hi all,
Apologies for the abandonment.
Sooo… Since I last blogged…. In short…

We’ve had Christmas. I’ve had 2 beau’s (both as mind numbingly awful as each other). I’ve joined a gym. I’ve marked over 100 pieces of coursework. I’ve been to Bristol. I’ve managed parents evenings. I’ve been allowed to work towards my NQT. So, In one word… BUSY!!

Lymphoedema related…

I’ve lost fluid off my bum cheek by going to the gym- my trousers from last summer fit me again 🙂
My ankle hasn’t got any bigger in circumference.
Visited a Lymphoedema clinic where I got told I was managing my leg well. Also got given a Medical Alert card and certificate for if I contract Cellulitis (Always a plus to know I can be a priority).

I’ve booked a holiday to the Costa Adeje (Tenerife) in the Canary Islands, very excited for a holiday to relax, shop, and sip margaritas. 
For said holiday I have plucked up the courage to buy my first pair of shorts since finding out I have this condition… That means it’s been 10 years!!! They are a lovely white denim pair from All Saints. Now just need some Western style boots to team with them as still not too confident about showing my ankle in shorts with flip flops.
BUT it’s progress!! 🙂

Progress noted… off to finish marking coursework.

Peace and love to all


Copyright Lauren Toner 2011-2012

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