*~*Back to School*~*

So, I’ve just realised I haven’t blogged since being back in school.
Don’t you love how extra curricular activities grind to a halt for teachers when they get back to normal life after the holidays!

What’s new I hear you ask… not much really.

Leg is same consistent size (well, 2mm smaller around knee and ankle- guess that’s a small victory!?). However, now I’m settling back into term, and the stresses of teaching and running from one end of the school to the other are starting to take its toll. My leg is now taking slightly longer to recover than usual. BUT I suppose at least it’s recovering.


The other day I was faced with THE FIRST PUPIL TO ASK WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY LEG!! The pupil was really shocked to find out that their teacher had an impairment! BUT had chance to educate which is always a plus. I was over the moon that they decided to ask questions about it. Plus the questions were followed by ‘It must be mega tough, Miss’. Quite sweet really.

Love and Peace

Copyright Lauren Toner 2011

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