Well, Hello there!!
Back to rainy UK from sunny Spain.
Am I glad to be back!? Yes and no. Yes= no more 35 degree cel heat to battle with. No= I miss the sun. Bitter Sweet.

So how was the holiday I hear you ask…

It was OK. Yes OK only.
Hen weekend (the weekend I was dreading) was brilliant fun. All the girls were question happy about my condition (possibly because 8 out of 12 of them were nurses). I was obviously more than happy to answer the usual ‘Does it hurt?’ ‘What else can be done?’ ‘Do you ever get really annoyed about it?’. With only 2 ignorant old men on the beach who pointed to my leg and took a double take, everyone else kept their eyes to themselves. RESULT!!!

So then came the extra 7 days in a 4* hotel with a best friend and additional, how shall I say this, ‘acquaintance’. This is when the trouble started.

Being dragged in blistering heat around shops, and for lunch, IS NOT PLEASANT…IT’S HORRIFIC!!
Being told, after I said putting my leg in the pool is soothing, ‘put your leg in the pool and it’ll be fine’ is not ok. Stop being so ignorant…I cannot walk the same distances as you normalite.
Being forced to go to a waterpark was awful. I’ve haven’t seen my leg look as swollen since I went to Egypt on a family holiday when I first developed the condition (not that I had been diagnosed then…). My ankle had actually DOUBLED OVER MY FOOT, and not once did the acquaintance ask if I was ok. I cried that day. The first time in 7 years. It takes alot for me to cry these days. The pain was excrutiating when trying to bend my ankle. I couldn’t believe how selfish a so called friend could be.

A dear old couple were extremely kind though. Made me chuckle to myself and think I WISH when they asked if I had been bit by a mosquito because of the swellingbeing so bad. At least I got to educate some people I suppose.

So I’ve been home just over a week, the tan is fading slightly, my ankle and knee are finally reducing in size slowly and not quite surely. So glad I don’t have to be in school walking up flights of stairs and standing for hours on end teaching. Happy that I get to chill on the couch with my leg elevated on the arm rest.

I do however have a brilliant tan line from where I caught the sun around my stocking!

Love and Peace to you all

Copyright Lauren Toner 2011

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