The Buzz About Lymphatic Surgery

Hi Beautifuls.

All over the Lymphie community, there are individuals talking about surgery options. So what is the deal with all the acronyms and types of surgery?

I went to a Lymphatic Surgery talk with the incredible cosmetic surgeon Mr Amar Ghattaura in conjunction with Lymphoedema Network Wales and Spire Hospitals. Wales is the only country to offer surgery on the NHS… as well as privately.


There are 3 main surgeries surrounding Lymphoedema:

  • LVA (Lymphovenous Anastomosis)

  • LNT (Lymph Node Transfer)

  • Liposuction


Is a a form of supermicrosurgery where you join your lymphatic vessel to your vein. Essentially it therefore unblocks the blockage. It is minimally invasive. Best candidates have early stages of Lymphoedema (No fibrosis), generally medically fit and have realistic expectations. It is performed with local anaesthetic and you can expect 2cm scars.


Suitable for Secondary patients rather than Primary. A form of microsurgery where nodes are moved from one part of your body to another part where nodes have been removed. Great for volume reduction.


A form of cosmetic surgery. This removes tissue to reduce the limb volume. Suitable for those who are not suitable for the other 2 surgical options. Only unilateral liposuction is available on the NHS. Bilateral is available as private.

We were informed that initial consultations determine whether you are a suitable candidate for surgery. In Spire Cardiff, the initial consultation is around £375. This is for the scan of your vessels. Surgery for LVA (if not suitable for NHS option is around £13,000). Both NHS and Private patients receive the same care.

Hope this has helped to debunk.

Lots of Love

L xoxox

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Girl Gang Trip

Hey Beautifuls.

Exam season always leaves me super busy. Now that’s over AND my birthday has been and gone, I can get back to being on track.

How did I celebrate…?

Well, my friends and I all booked a cabin in the woods complete with hot tub. It was such a fun weekend. We drank and ate too much and laughed until we cried. I really can’t fault my girls. They are the best. I’ve been truly spoilt before my new adventure. Cannot recommend the Forest Holidays Forest of Dean site enough. Everything was so clean, functioning perfectly and well equipped. The weather was the icing on the cake… could have been in Ibiza!!

Lots of Love

L xoxox

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Hot Right Now: Food

Hi Beautifuls.

Anyone and everyone at the moment is talking about Veganism. I like to think I’m Veganish. Not 100% committee to the cause but will happily live off plant based food a lot of the time.

On my Instagram I’ve been posting a few extra foodie photos recently. There is a reason for this. We forget how important food is for our condition. When I eat correctly with a range of foods in my diet I feel better for it. But I used to feel as though I was missing out on the delicious junk food.

I luckily came across Wicked Healthy Vegan food in Tesco… these are my saviour ready meals! So much flavour you wouldn’t think it was vegan. They also released a cook book. The Sarno brothers are incredible. I picked up my copy on release day. I’m now planning my weekly menu via Wicked healthy and Feed Me Vegan by Lucy Watson. If I’m not eating vegan, I’m doing my best to eat healthy, nutritious and colourful foods. (Selection of my cook books below)

In Cardiff, we are so lucky to have Vegan cafes and bakeries dotted around the city. Again making you not miss out on delicious doughnuts and cakes. My fave bakery is Blanche. Even my mum loves their doughnuts and coffee and she’s as far from the trend as you can get!

Taken at Blanche Bakery. In front of Cardiff’s most Instagrammable wall. Drinking Iced Strawberry Latte. Doughnuts pictured are French Toast and Salted Caramel Chocolate (I bought my doughnuts to go as mother bear wouldn’t be happy missing out on these bad boys).

The best time to start eating healthier alternatives to aid your condition is probably the summer. The warmer weather automatically steers me towards salads and away from stodgy foods. Just remember, don’t follow a trend. Try different things and see what works for you as we are all different.

*I am not doctor or nutritionist, I’m just sharing my experiences. Please consult a doctor before drastically overhauling your diet.

** This post is in no way sponsored by Wicked Healthy, Lucy Watson or Blanche Bakery. I just really rate what they do for the vegan movement.

Lots of Love

L xoxo

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Hot Right Now

Hey Beautifuls!

Thought I would share a version of therapy for me… Music. I cannot survive without music. At the moment I’m mostly listening to Cardi B- stripper turned rap artist. If you haven’t heard “Invasion of Privacy” yet, get your bum on Spotify for a quick listen.

Cardi B’s Album dropped recently and I cannot get enough! It’s on repeat on my daily commute. I adore her honesty and vulnerability that she shares on the album. Especially the track “Be Careful”. I’m sure every female can relate to lyrics from some point in their lives… whether being cheated on, or pushed to the side when all they did was care too much…

I was here before all of this
Guess you actin’ out now, you got an audience
Tell me where your mind is, drop a pin, what’s the coordinates?
You might have a fortune, but you lose me, you still gon’ be misfortunate, n****
Tell me, this love’s got you this f*****d up in the head
You want some random bitch up in your bed?
She don’t even know your middle name, watch her ’cause she might steal your chain
You don’t want someone who loves you instead? I guess not though
It’s blatant disrespect, you nothin’ like the n**** I met
Talk to me crazy and you quick to forget
You even got me trippin’, you got me lookin’ in the mirror different
Thinkin’ I’m flawed because you inconsistent
Between a rock and a hard place, the mud and the dirt
It’s gon’ hurt me to hate you, but lovin’ you’s worse
It all stops so abrupt, we start switchin’ it up
Teach me to be like you so I can not give a f***
Free to mess with someone else, I wish these feelings could melt
‘Cause you don’t care about a thing except your mothaf***in’ self
You make me sick, n****

Not only do we see and hear her vulnerable side, we also come across some powerful lyrics in “I Do”. All about taking back her power.

Dress me down in that Raf, Saint Laurent jacket
Dapper, dapper, I look fine and my checks defined
No wonder, wonder why I do whatever I like

In “Best Life” it’s all about a focus on herself and being unstoppable.

I’m gigglin’, can’t let the devil have the last laugh
Ain’t no more beefin’, I’m just keepin’ to myself
I’m my own competition, I’m competin’ with myself (brrr)

I think we can all learn something from Cardi B’s album in how to tackle our Lymphoedema. Don’t give up on what you want. Keep powering through the struggles. Keep moving forward no matter how difficult it might seem. There is something better waiting for you. Her album is about taking your future into your hands, doing what needs to be done for you to be the best you can. There’s always sunshine after rain. Remember, a wise lady (Vern) said “I have Lymphoedema, it doesn’t have me.”

I must admit… I wanted to hate it but it’s just too catchy. I’m hooked on her. This is definitely my summer soundtrack! Don’t believe me… take a listen to her song “I like it”. Just add the Barcadi and pineapple while listening for the full summer feeling even when it’s drab outside!

Lots of Love

L xoxox

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Perfect Pandere Shoes

Hi Beautifuls!

I’m sure you’ve spotted the fuss around an amazing start up company called Pandere shoes. Created by the Lymphie community for the Lymphie community. After following their Alaskan journey on Instagram I was honoured that I was lucky enough to get 5 minutes of their precious time to quiz them! Read the interview below and find out where you can get yours!

1.     Who are Pandere Shoes and what does your brand stand for?

Pandere Shoes is founded by Laura Oden, Ayla Rogers and Celia Crossett. We live in Alaska and have been working with people all over the world to create our unique brand of shoes. We always tell people our shoes stand for: Mobility, Dignity and Comfort.

2.     Why did you decide set up Pandere shoes?

Laura has had lymphedema for almost 40 years​. She knew there had to be a better shoe for people with lower limb swelling. We wanted create a shoe that would provide relief to people struggling to find shoes to fit. A lot of these people end up in unattractive orthopedic shoes, or shoes that don’t fit their style. We spent 2 years working on prototypes before we launched our Kickstarter.

3.     How did you come up with the name Pandere?

Pandere is a latin name, it means​ to expand, stretch, unfold.

4.     How long, from thought to finished product, did it take to create the products and brand?

We have been working on prototyping for the last two years. We wanted to give our customers a closed toed shoe that expanded in the places for people with foot swelling. We developed a patented expansion system that expands in the toebox, midfoot, and the ankle. Our shoes expand up to an E width and expands up to a size and a half in width and volume​. We are working to develop shoes that will expand even more.

5.     Why did you decide to create Lymphie friendly footwear?

Laura has lymphedema and has struggled to finds shoes that fit for her whole adult life. We understand the toll that is taken on a person when shoes become a burden. This problem can have devistating effects and inhibit mobility and basic health, not to mention self esteem and confidence. Everyone has a right to have comfortable cute shoes that fit!

6.     What are your future plans for the brand?

We know men and children also need shoes that fit. We hope to launch shoes for those groups ​ this fall. We hope to develop many more styles for women. Winter boots can be a huge problem for our customers in northern climates.  We know we need a pair of shoes that can slip on, and sandals for customers in warmer climates.​ Our shoes are also great for people who are on their feet all day, like nurses, teachers, baristas. We actually named our first shoe after this group. It’s called The Barista!

7.     What was the most difficult part of the process?

When we first started, it seemed impossible that we would spend 2 years developing our prototypes. We are grateful for that process because we have learned a lot about the shoe making process. Conveying to our designers the unique needs of our customers was a big challenge and we learned that this is a hard problem to tackle. This is most likely the reason other companies haven’t addressed this problem. Expansion and support are naturally in opposition to each other. It’s not exactly low hanging fruit for a shoe company.

8. What were the key areas you wanted your footwear to address? Do you think you have succeeded in doing so?

The top priority is to make shoes for people who’s feet swell. What we didn’t anticipate was that by designing shoes for this niche market, we accidentally were developing shoes for a host of other problem conditions: arthritis, diabetes, bunions and lots of others.

9. Who would you most love to collaborate with (designing/ marketing/ sales)? Why?

Could we collaborate a shoe with Ellen? or Kathy Bates? Kathy is the spokesperson for the Lymphatic Education and Research Network. We’d also love to collaborate with well established shoe companies like Clarks or even organizations whose members could benefit like Teachers or Caregiver organizations.

I’m so excited to see the company progress to great widths.

Find your perfect pair of Pandere Shoes here!

Lots of Love

L xoxox

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Surviving a flight with Lymphoedema

Hi Beautifuls!

It’s that time of year again where everyone is booking or prepping for a holiday. As a Lymphie, this is SO STRESSFUL! Amiright!? I’ve done my fair share of travelling so have put together my list of tips and tricks to survive a flight regardless of whether it’s 2 hours or 12!

1. Stand up!! 

Regardless of flight time (short or long haul) keep moving those feet and limbs! Your lymphatic system is worked by your muscles which means if you aren’t moving, neither is your lymphatic fluid.

2. Book an aisle seat! 

Partly because of the reason above… it’s easier to get up and move about if you have an aisle seat and also you won’t annoy people asking to move in and out of your seat. Another advantage is that you can stretch your limbs into the aisle for comfort.

3. Double up

Double up on your stockings. The atmospheric pressure plays havoc with my system so I find doubling up on compression halves my swelling. I’d apply moisturiser before garments go on to lessen the irritation felt behind the knee after long periods of sitting down! I sometimes carry my lower half of my farrow wrap to encourage compression if on a long haul flight… depends on my luggage allowance!

4. Hell yeah H2O

I’ll happily have a glass of fizz before boarding my flight and coffee when up in the air… however, I’m aware this isn’t the best call for my Lymphie system. When in the air constantly drink water. Yep, an excuse to get up and walk to the loo but also it aids your system and the feeling of jet lag when you land. Double positives!!

5. Wear comfortable clothing 

There’s nothing worse than the feeling of your feet or limbs getting trapped and shoes etc digging in to your limbs. I always wear shoes that are extendable with laces, I’ll loosen my shoes as soon as I get on board. I’d recommend loose clothing on long flights rather than fitting or constricting clothing. On short haul flights I love a pair of fitness leggings and trainers as neither constrict your movement or your limbs. Comfort is key, especially choosing fabrics. Certain fabrics feel constricting which is no fun!

6. Travel pillows

If you can sleep on the flight, do it! My limb always feels better if I’ve managed a nap or 2 on board… especially if it’s a night flight. Your limb is used to a routine, try to keep to it as much as possible. Always carry a travel pillow… it also doubles up as a soft foot rest. If you don’t want the hassle of carrying a travel pillow, a rolled up hoodie or jumper can also work well!! If you have the funds available, upgrade to premium or business class for extra room (or a lie flat bed if on an A380 or 777-300).

7. Be sensible

Nobody knows your limb better than you. If that means putting your feet up for 24 hours before and after your flight then do it. If it means catching a connecting flight instead of going the full 15 hour flight in one sitting, then do it. Don’t feel pressured into something silly that will cause havoc for your limb!!

8. Take a larger item of carry on

Don’t be afraid to take a large piece of hand luggage if your ticket allows. I always include an extra pair of shoes-flip flops, a scarf, a small pot of moisturiser, lip balm, anti bacterial wipes (I wipe down ALL surfaces on and around my seat; infections are no fun for a Lymphie), a pair of socks, a hoodie or cover up, my own ear phones, sunglasses, a flapjack or protein bars and a large bottle or 3 of water… to aid my body on my journey. By the way… speaking of infection… NEVER WALK BARE FOOT IN THE AISLES OR INTO THE BATHROOM ON BOARD!

9. Moisturise, Moisturiser, Moisturised

There’s no worse feeling than dry legs, especially when 40,000ft In the clouds! Ensure you moisturise before you get on board (those loos aren’t the most spacious for moisturising after take off!) with a heavy duty moisturiser. I love Legology for when I fly. It’s heaped with loving ingredients to combat the heavy feeling when flying!

Here’s to healthy and happy travels!

Lots of Love

L xoxox

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Reposted with edited name from Survive a flight with LE-2017

What’s in my bag?

Hey Beautifuls!

Via DM a few of you ask what my everyday essentials are!? Thus, I have decided to share with you all my different styles. But as it’s come to the end of my first week back in work, I’d show you the contents of my work bag first…

My everyday Work Bag!

For work, I use a large handbag from Dune. It’s large enough to also fit my lunch and a refillable water bottle. See below… it’s HUGE!

A Rundown:

  • My Teaching Planner by Plum Paper Design
  • Palm print umbrella from H&M
  • Fiorelli Purse
  • Strawberry Strepsils
  • Slytherin Lanyard and work badge
  • Pink pencil case from a supermarket
  • Canvas pouch to keep liquids, gels and creams
  • VS Pink Hibiscus Hand Cream
  • Ventolin Inhaler
  • Pixi lip balm
  • NYX Lip colour in Athens
  • Rosie Perfume from M&S
  • Mirror from Primark
  • Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitizer from Bath and Body Works
  • Car Keys
  • Samsung A5 phone

Why do I carry so much!? Because I need to be prepared at all times in work. All of these items are my day to day essentials with perhaps one or two luxuries.

Without these items, I could not function.

From my planner which keeps me in check everyday, to strepsils because I have to shout and hand sanitizer due to contact with lots of different people and items. Although, I have saved you the horrors of all the wrappers and receipts hiding at the bottom of my bag!

My Ultimate “Dinner Date” Bag

My Vivienne Westwood is my FAVOURITE Dinner Date Bag; large enough for all essentials, small enough to look dressy rather than casual!

A Rundown:

  • Car Keys
  • Mini Perfume
  • Hand Sanitizer from Bath and Body Works
  • Mirror as before
  • Fraud Protection Wallet by Bebe
  • Chewing Gum
  • Inhaler
  • Tom Ford Lipstick (Colour: Smitten)
  • Maybelline Concealer
  • Samsung A5

I try to keep my going out bags to a minimal size so I have less chance of losing “stuff”. It also means my bag stays looking it’s best without lots of items being stuffed in, especially my Viv, as the opening is narrow and awkwardly shaped. Really must buy a larger one as I’ve been intending to for the last 2 years!

My General Day Out/ Shopping Day Bag

My Mulberry (Baby number 3- I have 4) is the perfect accompaniment to ANY OUTFIT! I love that it has an extra strap for shouldering when loaded up with lots of shopping.

A Rundown:

  • Amazon Kindle (Cover from Paperchase)
  • FM Fragrances 18 (smells like Coco Mademoiselle)
  • Inhaler
  • Protection Wallet from Bebe
  • Samsung A5
  • Mirror as before
  • Millie Mackintosh Luxe Glow Face Illuminator
  • Canvas pouch (for my cosmetics) from Home Bargains
  • Maybelline concealer
  • Pixi Lip Lift Max in Honey Sheen
  • Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Perla
  • Revlon Foundation Stick
  • Car Keys
  • Elemis Minty Moisture Lip Balm (Thank you BA Business Class)
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Chewing Gum

My pet hate is having cosmetics rolling about in the bottom of my bag or lids coming off a product in one of the pockets. I found this medium sized pouch for an absolute bargain. It also includes my initial for bonus points! I now keep any cosmetics and gels in pouch so my baby doesn’t get messy!

My Night Out Clutch Bag

I picked up this small and sweet clutch when working as a Stella and Dot Stylist. I love that it limits the amount I can take out with me… meaning less rubbish to lose!!

A Rundown:

  • Protection Wallet from Bebe
  • Handbag Perfume from Victoria’s Secret (this one is Paris)
  • Samsung A5
  • Inhaler
  • Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Pink a Punch
  • Bare Minerals Plumping Lip Gloss in Dazzler

Many of you are probably unaware that I’m also asthmatic so my inhaler comes everywhere with me (so I don’t die) meaning my bags always need to be large enough to fit this bad boy in. My night out bags vary in size depending on the outfit. But the fact this has a self contained mirror built in… makes it my favourite clutch bag!

What are your essentials? Comment below!

Lots of Love

L xoxox

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Social Media- Like, Love, Hate

Hey Beautifuls!

I fancied a non Lymphie post so I got thinking about what most of my free time consists of. Gym, marking and social media updates. The latter is what I’m going to focus on during this post. Think of this as a virtual Snog, Marry, Avoid (Robert Downey Jnr, Tom Hiddleston and Tom Jones/ Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

Why Social Media? Everyone these days tends to have some form of social media whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… It’s been in the news recently with the Facebook Data scandal. Also most of my readers find me via social media.

I tend to both love and hate social media.


Why and what do I like about social media?

  • I like that I can find out information quickly at the touch of a button. Want to know why the road is closed? Facebook. Want to know why there was traffic? Twitter. It’s great to find out the latest gossip.
  • I like that I can keep up with the goings on of my friend’s lives. Want to see what little Felicity managed to do today? Snapchat.
  • I like that there’s always a silly quiz to take or a stupid article to read if I’m bored. Thank you Buzzfeed and Quizly- What kind of potato am I? Who would be your celebrity husband? Which colour are you? Which breed of dog are you? (Hash brown, Zac Efron, orange and a Boston Terrier apparently!)


There are aspects I hate about social media.

  • The amount of time that can be wasted just sliding your finger up and down a screen. Do I really need to read that waste of a time article that is click bait and filled with adverts? Probably not, do I do it anyway… probably.
  • The competition. Everyone, including me, only posts the best aspects of their lives. Social media means you don’t see what is on the cutting room floor. That one perfect selfie has another 45 attempts on the camera roll that didn’t quite cut it. That happy mother child just posed for the photo before the child started screaming. We are obsessed with posting the best version of ourselves. It’s so unhealthy.
  • It takes over social gatherings. When I’ve been out to dinner with friends, we’ve laughed at some groups of friends who don’t talk to each other, just smile during selfies that they’ll post on social media with hashtags such as #friendship #mybestgirls #bestfriendsforever #funtimes and then brag what a fun time they had… it’s really a sad affair that this world is coming to. The way I know if I’ve had a good night out… if there’s only 1 photo from the start of the night. No photos means it’s been such a good night that you haven’t had time to get your phone out for a cheeky scroll.
  • You can’t help but be drawn into the social media hype. New filter. Need to try it. New hashtag. Need to use it. Check for notifications. Every. 5. Minutes. (During the writing of this article I’ve checked my phone 13 times- for messages, emails, notifications, time. Due to the fact I’m going for a meal with gym friends later and don’t want to miss out on the gossip of outfit choices etc).
  • It ruins our self esteem. It ruins any inch of happiness we had. It encourages us to feel terrible about ourselves. Whether that’s because you’re not back in your pre pregnancy jeans with washboard abs, 3 months after giving birth like Person A. Or because you can’t do your eyeliner like Person B. Or your social life is non existent and you’re broke unlike Person 3 who is out every weekend and buying bottles of champagne for their table and you’re both the same age. It’s so unhealthy.


I did mention I love social media too. Why?

  • I love social media for the very reasons outlined above. You can organise social gatherings, keep in touch with friends and family around the world, document your life.
  • I love that it brings groups of people together. My best Lymphie girls and I would never have met were it not for Facebook.
  • It helps you feel less alone in rubbish situations. I had never come across someone else with Lymphoedema until Facebook arrived.
  • But most of all. It’s where those of similar interests etc. can be a community and help each other.

Lots of Love

L xoxox

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Happy Easter!

Hey Beautifuls!

Hope you all have an egg-cellent day celebrating with your families! Must admit I’ve been a little spoilt by my nearest and dearest. ❤️

Started the day with giant mini eggs in my coconut porridge. For lunch, a family meal and prosecco dessert. Then to overload on chocolate for the remainder of the day.

Lots of Love

L xoxox

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Misconceptions about Lymphoedema

Hi Beautifuls.

Over the years I’ve stumbled across a few common thoughts about me and my condition. I thought I would do a little a post about some of the common misconceptions!

In no particular order:

1. But you’re young…

I’m so bored of people assuming Lymphoedema is only for the over 70s! Luckily for us youngsters (ok, I’m not as young anymore but I’ve had this since I was 12…) Lymphoedema does not discriminate based on age! Woohoo! I have been lucky enough to meet many sufferers of all ages. I’m lucky enough to have met some amazing friends, of all ages, via Lymphoedema and Lymphoedema groups.

2. But you’re really fit and you exercise…

Obviously due to my Lymphoedema I’m not allowed a life, I’m not allowed to create a healthy lifestyle for myself, and I’m certainly not allowed to enjoy exercise! Haha. Remember when I said that Lymphoedema doesn’t discriminate… yep, you guessed it… I was a healthy teenager who played netball and skated on a weekly basis. It still affected me. Ironically a lot of people assume exercise will have negative repercussions on Lymphoedema. However, exercise and a healthy lifestyle can aid your Lymphoedema in positive ways. My Lymphoedema is much better behaved when I lead a healthy active lifestyle compared to when I have sloth style weeks and eat my body weight in chocolate (it’s called balance).

3. But you haven’t had cancer…

I know many people who sadly developed Lymphoedema after cancer. Also, post cancer Lymphoedema is in the limelight more so than primary. I can’t imagine having a battle against cancer and winning then battling against Lymphoedema FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! However, primary sufferers have a difficult journey too. Many suffer Lymphoedema through the hardest years of their lives- their teenage years. The instant “Oh, I didn’t realise you’d suffered cancer!?” makes you feel like a fraudulent sufferer, that your Lymphoedema isn’t as bad or doesn’t deserve the same recognition. Where the reality is, you’re all in the same boat, you all order the same type of garments. However the primary sufferer took longer to be diagnosed!

4. But you don’t look like you’d have a disability…

My favourite. I make a conscious effort to not have a pity party about my condition. Nobody likes a Negatron. I purposely dress up, do my hair and make up and generally try to move focus away from my disability. The reason… I have a disability, but it doesn’t have me (Thank you VP!). I try to make the most of what I can now as in the future I may not be so fortunate and may not be able to dress how I would like. Everyone seems to think that disabilities mean bad fashion choices. I’d like to see what many people consider a disabled person to look like. I ensure I wear flattering clothes. I ensure I always look put together… because that’s who I am as person. I feel better about myself when I make an effort.

5. Why aren’t you on water tablets? Can’t it be cured?

A key one at the moment. Everyone I seem to follow on social media seems to be having surgery. Good for them. Really, I am chuffed for them. I am jealous of their results. Surgery is becoming more popular and most of the newspaper featured lymphies have had really successful surgery. Meagan Barnard to name one…Her legs now look identical! 😍 Honestly, nip over to her Instagram, her legs look incredible! But with surgery comes risks. Also, it’s not a cure, it makes your Lymphoedema more controlled and more easily manageable. It requires just as much daily effort to ensure it remains improved! Most non lymphies believe that you can take water tablets and it’ll go, because… surely it’s just like when old people have swollen ankles… wrong. We don’t have excess water pooling. Our vessels don’t work thus meaning swelling. We are affected by so much more than being sat down for extended periods. We are affected by our diet, exercise choices, weather, temperature to name a few. There is no cure for my condition, only steps to manage it.

Flamingo in a flock of pigeons

Do a Lymphie a favour… think before you comment! Ask before you assume! Most of all, be thoughtful around your planning. What is easy for you, might take a few days recovery for a Lymphie.

And Lymphies remember, don’t try to blend in when you were born to stand out!

Lots of Love

L xoxox

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